Board of Directors

Aside from the devoted staff at the Wayne County Humane Society, we also have a dedicated Board of Directors consisting of the following individuals.

President: Mickey DeCarlo

Vice President: Carrie Andrew

Secretary: Doug Deeken

Treasurer: Carl Wells

Members: Brian Bogner, Beverly Linhoss, Jodi Kennedy, Steve Huszai, Danielle Starlin, Samantha Stine, Kathy Long, Kim Hall, Andy Jones, Jill Wickham, Doug Laditka & Ashley Fischer-Jewell

If you would like to contact the board of directors about a humane society issue, please send a signed letter with your return address to:

    Wayne County Humane Society
    Attn: President, Board of Directors
    1161 Mechanicsburg Rd
    Wooster, OH 44691

The Wayne County Humane Society normally holds its annual board meeting, which is open to the public, on the second Tuesday of January. The exact date, time and location are announced via our website and Facebook pages.