Our Animals = Your Animals

Every animal that comes through the Wayne County Humane Society’s doors is treated with the very best care that our compassionate, warmhearted staff is able to offer.  Visit us today and find a new friend for life.

There are varying degrees of how you can help an animal in need.  Options exist from adopting an animal to take into your home as your new pet to fostering an animal in your home until we find a forever home for it to sponsoring an animal if you’re unable to have an animal in your home.

We have many of "man's best friends" who are in search of a forever home.  Will you be their best friend?  Please check out our dogs available for adoption, foster, or sponsorship.

We have many cats in search of a family to call their own. Will you open your home to adopt, foster, or sponsor a fabulous feline friend today?!

There are always urgent pets who are in more dire need of being placed in a forever home, so please be sure to check them out too.  Plus we have special needs pets that need extra TLC when placed into their forever home.  We even have some other pets that don’t necessarily meow or bark, but can be just as lovable to take home as your new pet!