Adopt a Pet

Looking for a new family member or friend for life? Consider adopting one of our awesome pets! The WCHS is driven to maximize quality adoptions by being the best source in Wayne County when looking for a pet. Not only do we have a great selection of adult animals for adoption, we also have kittens, puppies and purebred animals.  National figures indicate that about half of the animals entering shelters are euthanized for lack of homes.  Every adoption from a shelter is a life saved.

Since it is impossible to permanently house all the small animals the WCHS receives in any one year, much less in an ongoing situation, adoptions are designed to promote that philosophy.

Adoption is the key! Adoption saves lives! Adopting a pet won't change the world, but it will change the world for that pet!

If you're interested in adopting from our shelter, please read our adoption guidelines page and submit an application. To submit an application you may fill out our online adoption application or print out and mail, fax, or walk-in with our printable adoption application.

Fees for adopting a pet from our animal shelter can be found on our adoption fees page.

If you already have a pet, but would like to help our shelter pets, please consider sponsoring one of our special needs pets. Your sponsorship could make all the difference!