Foster a Pet

If adopting a pet may not be a long term option for you then please consider fostering a pet for the short term until we can find a forever home for the animal. We always need foster homes!

As a pet foster parent you will provide a safe and loving environment for friendly kittens, puppies, dogs, cats, rabbits, or other animals until they are adopted. The foster parent is expected to provide affection and basic care for the animals such as food, water, and shelter. When fostering an animal, the pet foster parent may teach basic house manners, may have to transport their foster animal to adoption events or have potential adopters visit the foster animal in their home. In the event that the foster animal needs veterinary care or becomes ill or injured, the foster parent may be required to transport the animal to a designated veterinary hospital.

For some people, fostering a pet is a great way to ease into the process of adopting a pet to get to experience the joys of having the pet in their home yet having an option out from the commitment if another forever home is found for the pet. The hope is for a win-win situation for both you and the animal in the end!

Fostering and bottle feeding kittens is a lifesaving and rewarding skill that is greatly needed during kitten season. To learn more, read Michele Wilson's Training Material. Michele is the founder of Bottle Babies Kitten Rescue.