Lost and Found

We want to help you locate your lost pet! Use our convenient View Found Animals or Post Lost Pet links.

Only owners in search of their missing pet(s) will be allowed to enter our shelter’s housing area for lost and found pets. The Lost and Found list is updated in real-time, so please check back often!

Here are some additional tips to help you find your pet:

  1. Start searching for your pet immediately
    Pets will usually hang around the area where they disappeared for 12-24 hours. Search the neighborhood by even going door to door to ask if anyone has seen your pet. Walk slowly and call to your pet, then quietly listen for any response. Don’t forget to look around people’s yards, behind buildings, near garbage areas, or anyplace the animal could hide. Also have your pet’s favorite treats on hand in case you need to coax them to you. Enlist the help of neighborhood kids to help search too, and maybe offer them a reward for finding your pet. Call and visit local shelters every 2-3 days until your pet is found.
  2. Put up "Lost Pet" signs
    In your neighborhood, at intersections where cars will need to slow down, frequently visited sites (i.e. grocery stores, post office). Each sign hung means more eyes searching for your pet. Maybe even include the word "REWARD" if appropriate.
  3. Submit a “Lost Pet” report
    On the WCHS web site, complete the Post Lost Pet form. Contact other area shelters, area veterinary offices, newspapers, other web sites, and non-emergency dispatch for animal control.
  4. Post your missing pet online
    There are websites and Facebook pages dedicated to reuniting owners with their lost pets. Finding Rover and Lost & Found Ohio Pets are two examples of these services.
  5. Remain calm until your pet is found
    Your pet probably knows how to survive on its own for longer than you think. People will often feed a stray animal for a while hoping it will find its way home. Weeks may pass before a "found pet" is reported or brought in to a shelter. In the meantime, put food and water outside for them just in case they return home when you’re not watching.
  6. Notify the appropriate people once your pet is found
    As a courtesy to those you have called upon for help to locate your pet, be sure to notify them when the pet is found so that they can remove the pet from their “lost” list.