Is WCHS an authorized worksite for court ordered community service?

Yes, and we appreciate the support from our community, but there are some restrictions due to the nature of our work.

  1. The initial contact with WCHS must be in person during business hours.

  2. After the initial paperwork is completed, a community service volunteer may work:
    • Tues, Wed, Fri: 8AM-5PM
    • Thur: 8AM-7PM
    • Sat: 8AM-2PM
    • Sun-Mon: 8AM-12PM
    • All nonbusiness hours must be scheduled in advance.

  3. There are some community service volunteers that will not be permitted to work at WCHS:
    • Convicted felons, even if the community service is for a misdemeanor violation
    • Individuals convicted of pet/people abuse/violence (does not include disorderly conduct)
    • Individuals convicted of a drug abuse offense as defined in section 2925.01(G) of the Revised Code (other than minor misdemeanor possession of marijuana).